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Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active in Zambia also provide support for solar power projects. The main focus of most NGOS is broader than renewable energy in general. Most initiatives aim to provide clean energy to places where the energy supply is now lacking as a part of their broader goal and mission. Furthermore, the location of most NGOs is not inside Zambia since their aim for sustainable change focuses on multiple countries at the same time.

NGO Support

Many people in Africa in general and Zambia specifically, do not have access to electricity. Although Zambia is now a stable middle-income country for some years, the solar sector still needs support. This is not just done by financial support from (private) institutions. NGOs also contribute with other measures by focusing on research, education and knowledge management. Most NGOs work closely with the government to reach the renewable energy goals.

Types of Projects

As mentioned before, most NGOs have a broad focus and support (sustainable) development in general. Most NGOs list their previous and current projects on their website. Due to this broad focus, many projects might fit their scope. To be sure your project would with the scope of the NGO, the previous and current projects on their website give a good insight.

To inform you on the solar active NGOs in Zambia, a list is constructed below. For more specific information, please visit their website.

NGOs Active with Solar

NameDescriptionHead Office City
Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI)The Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) is a transformative, Africa-owned and Africa-led inclusive effort to accelerate and scale up the harnessing of the continent’s huge renewable energy potential. They work under the mandate of the African union and are supported by African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC).Abijan, Ivory Coast
Beyond the Grid Fund for ZambiaBeyond the Grid Fund for Zambia is an ambitious new undertaking to bring basic clean energy access to one million Zambians and accelerate private-sector growth in energy generation and distribution in the country. Vienna, Austria
Empowered by LightEmpowered by Light’s solar energy projects empower vulnerable communities to get rid of fossil fuels and grow their economies while protecting ecosystems. It started its work in Zambia in 2011, bringing light and solar power to some of the country’s most remote schools. Now they work all over the globe.Lusaka
IRENAThis global intergovernmental alliance support countries in their transition to clean energy. IRENA mobalises various sources of investments for renewable energy projects, ranging from solar to hydropower.Abu Dhabi
Power AfricaPower Africa is a partnership of more than 120 private sector companies, multilateral development banks, and the governments of the United States, Norway, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the European Union and several African countries. The initiative aims to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.Unknown
Power for AllPower for All advances renewable, decentralized electrification solutions as the fastest, most cost-effective and sustainable approach to universal energy access. They want to unify the voices of people living off-grid. It is a project started by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) who develops innovative, efficient financing mechanisms to strengthen markets for clean energy services in low- and middle-income countries, for the benefit of vulnerable populations.Unknown
Scaling Solar by World bank GroupScaling Solar brings together a suite of World Bank Group services under a single engagement aimed at creating viable markets for solar power in each of their prospected countries.In July 2015, Zambia’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) signed an agreement with IFC to explore development of two large-scale solar projects through Scaling Solar.Unknown
SNV Netherlands Development OrganisationSNV is a development organization from the Netherlands, with a local presence in several countries worldwide. as well as Zambia. Their expertise is in agriculture, energy, water and sanitation & hygiene. Working together with local public and private partners, SNV facilitates and finances market progress in the clean energy market.Lusaka
SolarAidSolarAid is an international charity, founded in 2006 anf dights poverty and climate change. They provide access to solar lights in Uganda, Malawi and Zambia to help catalyse solar markets and eradicate the kerosene lamp.London, United Kingdom
Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)This NGO has the mission of delivering renewable energy in an efficient way to people without stable access. They try to achieve their goals by doing research, listen to energy poor people and connecting stakeholders and find solutions to problems.Vienna, Austria & Washington, USA

Note: We tried our best to list all important NGOs active in the solar sector in Zambia. Is your NGO missing or do you know a NGO that should be on this list? Let us know!