World Bank to invest $26.5 million in energy access

According to the Devdiscourse news desk, the World Bank will invest $26.5 million to enhance access to electricity in Zambia. This investment mainly focuses on rural areas, some already with and some without energy access from a grid connection. Furthermore, most receivers will get access to the grid due to the project.

The energy access project

The investment will be part of the Rural Electrification program. Hence, ZESCO, a state-owned energy supplier, and the Rural Electrification Authority of Zambia will complement the credit from the World Bank. Specifically, this project of five years is about to provide energy access to 22.000 households with a low income and to a 1.000 small- and medium sized enterprises in rural areas. Most beneficiaries are public facilities, businesses, households and farmers in several provinces.

Solar potential

For the people not able to get a grid connection for electricity access, solar options are available. Particularly by using independent solar systems in scattered areas where a grid connection is hard. More on solar in Zambia? Read it here.

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