Zambia welcome in International Solar Alliance

Thanks to the Indian Vice President, Zambia is welcomed into the International Solar Alliance. At a meeting in New Delhi, India, VP of India Shri Venkaiah Naidu stated this message to the Zambian delegation. The Indian government will therefore promote investments in renewable energy in Zambia.

The International Solar Alliance

The International Solar Alliance consists of 121 countries with a mainly tropical climate. Together they form a platform to promote cooperation and help each other to achieve goals related to solar energy. Above all, the location and latitude of the countries makes them the optimal for the solar industry. With almost 300 days of sun per year, the opportunity for solar energy generation is tremendous. Up scaling these potentials is the main objective of the alliance.

The Indian-Zambian relationship

The fact that India calls for Zambia to join the International Solar Alliance is not strange. The bilateral relationship has been strong for a while now. The Indian VP expressed the special bond the two countries share, starting with the support for independence for Zambia in 1964. Since then, many investments into the Zambian economy have been made. The visit of the Indian president last year has only strengthened these ties, which go beyond solar. Other important subjects are, among others, education, 
health and infrastructure.

Outlook for Zambia

Being part of the community of the International Solar Alliance is a perfect stepping stone for Zambia. At the moment, 70 other countries are listed as prospective members. The Indian VP hopes Zambia will sign the ratification of the Framework Agreement soon, which will start the process of joining the alliance. After joining the alliance, Zambia will have access to a wide network of countries to learn from. The need for solar power in Zambia is rising, due to droughts. Read more about this in this article. Besides clean energy available to many people, solar projects also provide jobs. In conclusion, Zambia joining the International Solar Alliance will be very beneficial.