Last edited: April 2019

Electricity prices

The electricity prices are relatively low in Zambia, however, there are some speculation on the potential increase of the rates by ZESCO, although ZESCO denies this statement. In conclusion, for all electricity rates per customer category, see the table below. More on the solar sector in specific in Zambia here.

Customer CategorySubcategoryPrice ComponentCharges from September 1st 2017 - Present ($)
Metered Residential Tariffs (prepaid, capacity 15kVA)
R1Up to 200kWh0,15
R2Above 200kWh0,89
Commercial Tariffs (capacity 15kVa)
Social Services Tariffs
Schools, hospitals,
orphanages churches,
water pumping & street lighting
Maximum Demand Tariffs
MD1Capacity between 16 - 300KvA0,35
MD2Capacity between 302 - 2000kVa0,30
MD3Capacity between 2001 - 7500kVa0,25
MD4Capacity above 7500kVa0,21

*Based on the electricity tariffs presented by the Energy Regulation Board (May, 2017), prices are in US dollars and exclusive of 3% governmental excise duty and 16% VAT.

Fuel pump prices

At the same time, the fuel prices were lowered in the beginning of 2019 by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB). To list, these prices are visible in the table below.

FuelPrice (Kwacha)

*Based on the approved pump prices presented by the Energy Regulation Board (February, 2019), prices are in Kwacha