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The solar sector in Zambia hosts a variety of solar companies, operating in several business segments. These businesses vary from Solar Home Systems to utility scale developers. There are also international companies active in Zambia, mainly in the utility scale sector. Most offices of the companies in Zambia are located in Lusaka.

An overview of solar companies active in Zambia is depicted below, including the location of their head offices. The division of the companies is based on the type of solar system application, although most companies have a variety of systems available. On our types of systems page, an overview and explanation is available on the the different characteristics and components of solar systems to help you decide what fits best with your needs.


Off-grid / commercial solar companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Davis & ShirtliffThis Kenyan based water equipment supplier also provides solar equipment for irrigation.Kafue
ID Solar SolutionsID Solar Solutions is a Zambian solar company who provides agricultural, business, education, healthcare and household systems. They handle the design, installation and maintainance of the systems.Lusaka
Greenfields Energy CorporationGreenfields develops on and off-grid solar systems and water pumping systems.Lusaka
Muhanya SolarMuhanya Solar Ltd. supplies and installs renewable energy systems of various sizes and for different applications, focusing on solar and wind.Chipata
Norwood EnterprisesNorwood constructs disrtibution and transmission lines, underground cables and constructs substations. They also work on solar projects, mainly off-grid for the commercial sector.Lusaka

Solar Home Systems

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Captain ElectricalCaptain Electrical Limited specializes in solar lights, mainly for Government Institutions especially in rural Zambia and Residential areas.Lusaka
Electric Maintenance LusakaThis Zambian electronic engineering company also has a solar division skilled in installing Solar Home Systems.Lusaka
Fenix IntlThis company created a special Solar Home System called ReadyPay Solar Power, ment to give power to uneletrified homes in Africa. The company is part of Engie, with a headquearters in San Francisco, USA, and another office in Lusaka.Lusaka
SunnyMoneySunnyMoney distributes portable solar lights to Zambia, Malawi and Uganda. The international charity Solaraid created this social enterprise. The goal of SunnyMoney is to bring safe and affordable lighting to people in need. By selling these lights, they are able to bring back money into their charity.Lusaka
SunrayThis solar company delivers all activities around the installation of solar (home) systems; from the importation up to maintenance. Besides this, they offer ready-made solar home kit. Lusaka
Vitalite GroupVitalite offers pay-as-you-go home systems throughout Zambia. They do this with modern mobile technology and aim to help low-income households. Lusaka

Utility Scale Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Aurora Power SolutionsAurora Power Solutions operates across Sub Saharan Africa focusing on solar power. They mainly provide their services in South Africa, but will start a project in Zambia soon.Cape Town, South Africa
Building EnergyThis international solar company already is working on four solar projects in Zambia, three surrounding the city of Mansa and one close to the boarder and next to Kakeki. Cape Town, South Africa
Copperbelt EnergyThis Zambian company specializes in the transmission, generation, supply and distribution of power systems. This means they do not only supply renewable energy, but are also active in the mining industry.Kitwe
Enel Green PowerEnel Green Power operates worldwide and just started its first power plant in Zambia. Cape Town, South Africa
GlobeleqThis utility scale solar provider operates solely in Africa. The first solar development project for Zambia is starting soon. At the moment, there is no office in Zambia. The East African headquarters is located in Kenya.Nairobi, Kenya
Innovent ConsortiumThis French renewable energies companies supplies energy throughout Africa. Currently they are not present in Zambia, except for a utility scale project with Copperbelt Energy.Villeneuve d'Ascq, France

Retail / Wholesale Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Saro Agro IndustrialSaro Agro Industrial delivers equipment for agricultural, irrigation, power generation, industrial and solar applications. Lusaka
Solaris Africa HardwareSolaris is a solar energy Equipment supplier, located in LusakaLusaka

Note: We tried our best to list all important companies active in the solar sector in Zambia. Is your company missing or do you know a company that should be on this list? Let us know!